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Hoops Lab: In-season

The Hoops Lab: In-Season is your key to continuous improvement throughout the season. Say goodbye to plateaus and embrace a weekly journey of progress. Our comprehensive workouts, led by The Shot Doc (Damian Hurts) for shooting enhancement and Davon Gilliard for ball handling, defensive/offensive awareness, basketball IQ development and scoring, are designed to elevate your game. Feel the difference as you steadily improve week by week, surpassing your peers who may be slowing down. Make the commitment today to embrace the #CANTSTOPMENTALITY and soar to new heights on the court."

Our Services


The Hoops Lab:
Small Group

Elevate your basketball game with Can't Stop Training's Hoops Lab: Small Group for 2-4 athletes  ensuring personalized attention from our experienced coaches, allowing you to take your skills to the next level. Join us and become a dominant player on the court.

When: Saturday's 10-2pm

12-1 Ladies Only

45-60 minute sessions per slot 

Where: Cathedral Academy or JICHS


The Hoops Lab: Ladies Elite Program 

Welcome to CST Performance, the premier sports performance program for female hoopers. Our program is designed to help you achieve your dreams of playing at the collegiate level by providing a comprehensive training experience that focuses on both The Performance & Hoops Lab 

The Hoops Lab: Small Group

Sat. 12pm @ Cathedral 

 Performance Lab: Small Group 

book thru Performance Lab. 


The Hoops Lab: 
Middle School 

Hoops Lab: Middle School classes blend technical drills with high-intensity skills and performance workouts. These sessions are tailored for basketball enthusiasts seeking to enhance their athletic performance and skill development. Sessions begins Sunday 11/12 at Cathedral 2pm.

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